If you are studying a full time course, Excel College can organize homestay accommodation with one of our host families or reserve a room for you in our student residence.

Living at a Manchester homestay, you will experience British culture and live in a family environment. In the residence you get to meet students from all around the world and live more independently. Both options offer opportunities to practise your English out of class and make new friends.

Here’s what our students think of our accommodation:

Houses in Manchester

“The best thing about my home stay is that now I have another family in Manchester”

“My host is very nice and friendly and helpful”

“They introduced me to their friends and we visited lots of places”

“They have a great attitude towards students no matter where you are from. I felt free to do whatever I wanted” 

Houses in Manchester

“The family speak to me a lot and are lovely to me”

“They make you feel at home, I really enjoyed this house”

Alternatively, if you want to organize your own accommodation in Manchester, please speak to us and we can give you some advice on good neighbourhoods and some useful websites to try.