Life in Britain

Life in Britain

Our Life in Britain classes help students develop their reading, writing, listening and speaking skills while exploring features of British culture.
The course looks at many different parts of what Life in Britain looks like, ranging from the people, values and traditions that make up the country to the government, health, welfare and legal systems. Students will be encouraged to discuss the meaning of culture and identity and share aspects that are also part of their own culture and identity, whatever that may look like.
In this class, you will also learn lots of useful vocabulary that will enable you to understand, speak and write about Life in Britain as well as read and listen to real-life texts, developing effective skills as you go.
The Life in Britain classes can be combined with General English or taken as a stand-alone, 6 hour per week part-time course. The classes are from 1.30 pm until 3 pm Monday to Thursday.

• Free placement test
• Start any day Monday to Thursday (see our calendar)
• Intermediate level students and above.
• Maximum 15 students in a class
• Minimum age: 16

How to Apply

Simply send an application form and a copy of your passport to

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